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    Scent & Taste are under the fine chemical category. They are the imperative components of flavors and fragrances, which are widely applied in food & beverage, tobacco, pharmaceuticals and hygienic products. Scent & Taste is Ecogreen’s leading and the most competitive business. We are the leading supplier of terpene scent & taste in the world. EcoGreen produces high quality scent & taste for customers in our modern production factory in Xiamen. Through using raw materials of both renewable natural botanic essential oils and petrochemical products, and applying the state-of-art technology innovation, our products have strong competitiveness in the world.


    Main Products

    Alpha Pinene Alpha Terpinene
    Alpha Terpineol Beta Pinene
    Camphene Dihydromyrcene
    Dihydromyrcenol Dihydromyrcenyl Acetate
    Dihydromyrcenol Terpene Dipentene
    Gamma Terpinene Iso Bornyl Acetate
    Isolongifolene Longifolene
    Myrcene Ocimene
    Pine oil Tetrahydromyrcenol
    Terpinolene Terpineol
    Terpinenol-4 Terpinyl Acetate
    3-Phenylpropionaldehyde 3-Phenyl Propyl Alcohol
    Allyl Cyclohexyloxy Acetate Allyl Cyclohexyl Propionate
    Benzyl Acetone Myrac Aldehyde
    Vergustral Amyl Salicylate





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