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    Recently, the intermediates business of EcoGreen has a rapid development. Based on the creativity and innovation of R&D, we manufacture chiral fine chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates and agrochemicals to service pharmacy and farm chemical industries. Chirality is a fundamental property of molecular structure of organic compound. In extremely simple terms, chirality is “handedness”——that is, the existence of left/right opposition. For example, your left hand and right hand are reflection is said to chiral. Otherwise, it is called a chiral. DNA, Proteins, amino acids, and sugars are all chiral. When interacting, molecules recognize each other just as your right hand distinguishes another right hand from the left when you shake hands. That is why mirror image molecules so often have radically different fates in your bodies. Most of medical chemicals made by traditional synthesis method are race mates, containing a pair of enantiomers. It is important and necessary to get enantiomeric pure compound as one of pair of enantiomers is mostly useless, even harmful. Now EcoGreen is developing Asymmetric synthesis technology to make chiral compounds to serve pharmaceutical industry best.


    Main Products

    Neo-alloocimene,stab. 2-Aminopyrazine
    Isobornyl Acrylate Quinoxaline
    Isobornyl methacrylate 3-bromo-2,4,6-trimethylaniline
    Terpineol N-Vinylphthalimide
    Terpineol 85% 4-Phenylimidazole
    Terpineol 65% Acetyl phosphate two ethyl ester
    Polyterpene resin 9-Anthraldehyde oxime
    Abietic resin 9-Anthracenecarbonitrile
    Formulated solvents 9-Anthracenecarboxylic acid
    Julolidine 9-Vinylcarbazole
    2-Cyclohexenone 2-oxo-1,4-butanediol diacetate (OBDD)
    2,2-Difluoro-2-(fluoro sulfonyl)acetic acid 1-methyl-3-phenyl-propylamine (MPPA)
    Methyl fluorosulphonyl difluoro acetate Cycloheptanone
    2-Amino-6-Chloro-pyrazine Phthalazine
    2-Acetyl-2-thiazoline 4,4’-Difluorophenyl sulfone



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