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    Natural extracts based on the same separation technology of natural resources and driving force of the same market, EcoGreen’s natural extracts business develops very fast. We provide natural essential oils for flavor and fragrance industry, provide key components for modern chinese medicine and functional food, and provide natural food ingredients for food industry.

    Natural extracts is the fastest growing business of EcoGreen. Our botanic essential oils and herbal extracts are widely used in flavor and fragrance and pharmaceuticals. Essential oil is a major raw material for aroma chemicals producing, and plays an important role in flavor and fragrance industry.

    Food ingredients is another fast growing business of EcoGreen, our meat extracts and seafood extracts serve the frozen food industry.



    Main Products

    Concentrated oyster juice Seafood paste
    Oyster juice powder Oyster paste
    Seafish paste Abalone paste
    Abalone paste Shrimp extract
    Squid extract Bonito powder
    Shiitake mushroom extract Mushroom extract
    Chicken powder-flavored Chicken extract
    Purified chicken powder Chicken liver powder
    Duck meat paste Beef paste-flavored
    Pork powder-flavored Beef powder-flavored
    Fish flavored sauce Black pepper paste
    Barbeque sauce Braised beef in soy sauce-flavored soup
    Cage-free chicken soup Concentrated mushroom soup
    Concentrated soup for noodles Original pork bone soup
    HK-style hot and sour soup Chicken mushroom soup



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