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Our Team

  • Mr. YANG Yirong (Chairman and President)

    Mr. Yang is the founder of the Group. He is responsible for strategic planning and formulation of overall corporate development policy for the Group. Mr Yang holds a bachelor degree in science, majoring in chemistry from Huaqiao University in 1982. Prior to founding the Group in 1994, Mr. Yang has extensive experience in the fine chemicals manufacturing and trading and has more than 20 years of experience in natural organic chemistry research.
  • Mr. GONG Xionghui (Executive Director - Engineering Project Management)

    Mr. Gong is responsible for project construction and strategic investment development. Mr Gong holds a master degree in chemical engineering from Xiamen University and has accumulated over 30 years of experience in fine chemicals industry and qualified as an ISO 9000 auditor in the PRC in 1998. He joined the Group in September 1999.
  • Ms. LU Jiahua (Executive Director - Group Financial Control)

    Ms. Lu is responsible for the finance and accounting for the Group in the PRC. She has over 20 years of experience in accounting, financial management, administration management and internal auditing in a number of pharmaceutical and fine chemical manufacturing enterprises. Ms. Lu holds a bachelor degree and a master degree in economics and corporate management from Xiamen University. She joined the Group in April 2002.
  • Mr. LIN Zhigang (Executive Director - Aroma Chemicals)

    Mr. Lin, the Group's Vice President, is responsible for the management of the Group's operation in aroma chemicals' business. He holds a Bachelor degree in economics obtained from Xiamen University (廈門大學). Prior to joining the Group in June 1996, he worked in a foreign investment enterprise and has concrete experience in sales and marketing management, business development and production management.
  • Mr. HAN Huan Guang (Executive Director - Group Strategic Investments and Capital Markets)

    Mr. Han is responsible for the Group’s strategic investment, capital market activities, and is also the Chairman of Remuneration Committee.He holds a Bachelor degree in Biochemistry from Zhongshan University in China and a Master degree in Business Administration from University of Technology Sydney, Australia. Mr. Han has over 20 years' experience in corporate finance, M&A, technology investment, and management of listed and non-listed companies in PRC and overseas, in which he has been director or managing director inciuding China Everbright Medicine Co.Ltd(a subsidiary of China Everbright Holdings Group), Livzon Pharmaceutical Inc. He joined the Group in 2005.